Ballet Arts of Jackson


What is the ballet like?

Many people wonder what the ballet is like and how to act while they are at a ballet.  Below are some facts about ballet that will help with this.

Ballets are performing arts where music and dancing are the only art forms present.  There are no words spoken.  All actions are danced or mimed.

Audiences may clap whenever they are compelled to do so to encourage the dancers.  It is most appropriate to clap at the end of each act and at the end of the complete ballet.

There is no set dress code.  Many people like to dress up to attend a ballet but it is not required.

Ballets are often broken up into parts called acts, just like theatrical productions.  Usually there is an intermission between each act that can last from ten to twenty minutes.  It is acceptable to go to the restroom, stand up and stretch, or go to the commons area for refreshments or souvenirs during this time.

The main characters of the ballet are usually the principal, or senior, dancers of the ballet company presenting the show.  They are able to execute lovely turns, leaps, and other dance steps with great musicality.  Other dancers are the soloists or the corps members of the company.  These dancers can be male or female.

Dancers wear colorful clothing that is often very form-fitting.  This clothing includes tights for males and females to allow audience members to observe the feet and leg movements of the dancers.  Male dancers wear soft ballet shoes while female dancers can wear the same sort of shoes or special pointe shoes that allow them to dance “on their toes.”  Female dancers very often wear short skirts called tutus that are made of many yards of special tulle material. 

The most important fact about the ballet is to enjoy your time while you are there.  Many hours go into producing ballet performances and there is nothing better than an appreciative audience!