Ballet Arts of Jackson


Ballet Rejoice! Corps (Liturgical Dance)

From the beginning of time, dance has been linked with religious faith and ritual as people acted out their feelings about the most important events in their lives - birth, healing, death, nourishment, and victory. In short, religion and dance began together. As civilization became more complex, dance gradually took on additional meaning as an art form and as a social activity.

While it may seem “new” to use dance in worship, there are many things that we are accustomed to that accomplish a similar result - things such as unison standing, sitting on cue, children’s procession on Palm Sunday, and a bride and groom leading their wedding party from the altar.

In the Bible, dance is most often associated with celebration and expressions of praise to God. In fact, the word “rejoice” in Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke, means to jump or dance (see Exodus 15:20; Psalms 149 and 150; Romans 12:1).

The Ballet Rejoice! Corps has worshipped with many congregations in West and Middle Tennessee and Kentucky. We would love to worship with your congregation!

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