Auditions for Performing Membership (Junior and Senior and sometimes other suitable categories) will be at 11:30 A.M. Performing members must be at least 13 years old on or by July 31, 2019.  Pointe work should be suitable for intermediate and above level (usually, but not limited to, four or more years). 

There will be a brief mandatory meeting of dancers and at least one parent between the auditions at 11:00 A.M.  Dancers are expected to be on time, dressed properly and warmed-up in time for the audition.

  1. Dancer Information
  2. Emergency Dancer Treatment form
  3. Financial Agreement form

Please download them and have them filled out prior to auditions and dates indicated.

**A copy of a birth certificate must be presented for new applicants**

The following forms/items are due by 1st company class on September 7, 2019:

Will be posted by Aug. 30th

** A copy of a physical completed within the last year is needed for all dancers**

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