Ballet Ticket Buddies

As we all know, state subsidy funding for school field trips are lower than ever before. We now have a new program called Ballet Ticket Buddies. The children in this program are unable to go to performances of any kind. When you sponsor a child under our program, you give children the opportunity to see a live performance. The goal of Ballet Ticket Buddies is to provide experiences which enrich the lives of students in many ways; cultural, educational, and motivational.

Many of the students who attend the ballet have never attended a fine arts performance of any kind. They have not had the opportunity to experience the beauty and power of a live performance. In an era of recorded performances, conversations, and photographs, a field trip to the ballet provides the unique experience of watching a live performance on a stage.

An educational presentation before the ballet involves students in learning to perform a small section of the ballet. Students begin to understand the integration of music and movement. They are able to observe and
understand, more intelligently, what a ballet dancer does as a performer.

A quote from Winston Churchill made during World War II when the suggestion was made to remove funding for the arts in order to provide more funding for the military replied:
“What are we fighting for?”
If children are not given the opportunity to watch and participate in the arts, “What are we fighting for?”

Ballet Ticket Buddy Sponsorship

For each $15 donation you give, you will be sending a deserving student to our school performance. You may give anywhere from $15-$500 to be a Ballet Ticket Buddy.

Any donation amount is greatly appreciated.